But when you go to bed..

Some days are pretty easy days. Nothing major to do around the house; no laundry, no vacuuming, no chores to run. You got to take it easy; making a dozen simple phone calls, doing a bit of prep for tomorrow’s dinner, surfing the web doing casual research, and so on.. With no major pain, no cramps or seizing, and no other real fibro symptoms. So at the end of your day after relaxing by watch your favourite show or two, you get up setting the dishwasher to go and turning out lights wishing every one a good night on the way to bed.

You are all well and good until you decide to dump yourself into bed. Bad move. Crashing into bed like that, so suddenly with everything finally completely relaxing at once and your walls are down, the onslaught of sensation is overwhelming.

It is at this point you realize there is no real “easy” day. Some days the pain is not so bad & on some of those days, we handle it better and think we are ok for a bit.

It is that time at the end of that “easy” day that you know you will always have some pain each and every day. Some days it’s nasty, some not so bad and some days we can handle it better than others – either emotionally, physically or with the help of medicine. We will always have pain, but we also look forward to tomorrow for another “easy” day. We also realize that while yes, we have pain each and every day but we also get through it each and every day. We survive and even thrive despite this disease and what it does to our minds and bodies.

We are strong.

This post started one way in my head at 1am but my fingers decided differently. If & when my mind and fingers ever decide co-operate, I will get to that post that I meant to do. Hopefully it doesn’t stay in my head all night half written *laugh*

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