OnGoing Pain

I am currently in week 5… Or is it week 6? Either way, I’ve been in a solid flare for a while now. I’ve never been having as many problems on an ongoing basis for so long before. I’m hurting, & my balance is shot (more so than usual). My cognitive abilities have decreased; it’s harder to think, and to read, so research is out of the question. Original posts may lack cohesion (so beware! *grin*) and even posting a non-original post is hard cuz I’m not entirely sure of relevance or what personal comments I should put with it.


It seems anything I do makes things worse. But yet I can do everything, it just hurts like an SOB to do so – that’s *with* the pain meds in my system. I have to totally max out on my strongest painkillers & then some to even go out! And I refuse to go out alone if I am heavily medicated (found that out two weeks ago the hard way!) 

For those who go through these ongoing flares, how do you do it? How do you deal with being so off normal, even way off normal for us Fibromite & CFSers!? This is driving me insane. 

And the big Catch22: I can not sleep well cuz of how I feel, but to feel better I need to sleep well. Doesn’t that just say it all? 

I hope this makes sense. The spelling should be fine cuz there’s an auto spell-check on my BB which let’s me add words like fibromyalgia and Fibromite. :). Let me know if this is just incoherent babbling. 

Wishing you a happy and pain-free/symptom-free day!!

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