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I Have No Doctor

March 5, 2011

My last GP/PCP, Dr Caroline Newman, decided that because I am too high maintenance which requires additional work from both herself and her staff, that I was no longer wanted in her practice. I was given a letter stating that she would continue to serve me as a patient for another 60days to give me time to find a new family doctor. Then 19 days later, with no warning, she dropped me completely.
This happened in September 2010. Do you know how hard it is these days to find a GP in a large metropolitan city that will prescribe narcotics, or to treat a patient with Fibromyalgia? My specialist is a *homeopathic pathologist*? and isn’t keen on prescribing medications,, except when absolutely necessary, her approach is more holistic..
So, now, here I am, beginning the process or destroying my liver, by taking regular doses of Extra Strength Tylenol & Extra Strength Tylenol for Migraines to the maximum dosage I can take, every single day. That barely even touches the ongoing regular aches & pains.. God help me to the ER for Demerol when basic OTC Tylenol is not enough.
No one, absolutely no one will prescribe my any narcotics to take home, despite the bottles I have showing a history, a non-abusive history at that. Not even a simple Tylenol #3 with codeine. No clinics & not even an ER doc, who also specializes in pain management. They do, however fill prescriptions for other restricted medications like sedative/sleep aids – go figure.
As the clinic doc I saw the other day said I’m ‘one of the people who need the help the most and no one will help.’ And that Dr Newman’s ‘reactions did not make sense. High maintenance patients require more attention which gives her more money’ and the woman knew my conditions before she took me on as I was 100% upfront,, but she lied about believing that FMS is a real condition that can be incredibly debilitating.. PLUS *she* is the one who referred me with a CFS diagnosis..I just don’t get some people.


Fibromyalgia is recognized by: the American Rheumatology Association, the Canadian Rheumatology Association, and the World Health Organization as a true medical condition with two very specific and unique sets of Diagnosis Criteria (that a whole new post on its own) to determine accurate diagnosis.
So, why is it that some doctors just don’t believe it exists or this it is all ‘psychosematic’ or ‘all in our heads’.. If only they could live our lives for just one day & not a good day..