May 12th! 2011

Today is the twelfth day of May in the year of our Lord 2011. For many people this date means very little other than it’s Thursday. For many other across the world, it does mean something, something very important. Today is Fibromyalgia Awareness Day. This is the day that me and my fellow fibromites have to signify and promote awareness for this condition. We have this one day to spread the word about FM, the problems it causes, the hell many of us live through, to raise awareness about something you can’t really see and to push for research to be done to determine the cause, then a cure. It’s hard. In addition, today is also Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME Awareness Day. So, not only does FM have this day, so does CFS/ME. For those of us with both of these conditions, creating Awareness becomes doubly difficult. Promoting invisible illness One (fibromyalgia), promoting invisible illness Two, and then living with them both while trying to live a relatively reasonable & moderately functional life is very difficult. My plans? I hope to post again later today – dunno the exact topic, but I’ll figure it out. I will be tweeting as much as I can, promoting FM & CFS/ME Awareness today as well as on Facebook & through my blog.. Maybe you might even find this post via BloggersUnite. So, help me out here. Spread the word about Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME. If they have questions send ’em here or may of the other resources for these two disabling, debilitating diseases. And wear your ribbons proud to spread the word: Purple for Fibro & Blue for CFS/ME.


Thank You.

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