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Isn’t It Ironic?

April 27, 2012

I have had a new pain occur in my right arm. I knew it wasn’t a fibro pain; it felt different. At first I thought I’d somehow pulled or tore the muscle somehow cuz the pain seemed to radiate from near the upper end of the back of my forearm (what is the right name for this part of the body?) . As the pain became more localized, it decreased towards the muscle and centred just below the elbow.

I saw my GP yesterday cuz one can only tolerate something like that for a certain amount of time without a diagnosis. So, my diagnosis is that I have tendonitis due to repetitive stress.. At the elbow.. So I have fibromyalgia and *smirk* tennis elbow! Oh the irony!

Meds Crash

April 23, 2012
As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have a pain/fibro doc who gets it. One of the things he did was to put me on a pain patch.

Some of you may know that I have funky allergies including products found both in food and adhesives. For those who didn’t know, you know now.

I’m sure you’ve figured out where this is going.. The pain patches are stuck to the skin via an adhesive. Now, fortunately I’m not allergic to all adhesives..
But, the default brand my pharmacy is called Sandos & I am allergic to it. How’d I find out? The hard way. These patches are supposed to release a constant dosage into the bloodstream, but when I react, I get itchy and the local area becomes inflamed, red and raw. When the skin is inflamed, red and raw, it doesn’t absorb well. So I get the lovely sensations not only from withdrawal, but also from the increased pain levels cuz I am not getting my meds. Now you’d think that after the first time they’d be diligent and ensure that I don’t get the ones I’m allergic to, but no, they didn’t save anything on file *eyeroll*. Also, you’d think that *I* would also be super diligent. Nope! I realized when I woke up Saturday (put it on Friday night) that I was reacting, again. And of course didn’t realize the withdrawal thing until an hour or so ago. Since the original patch is pretty much useless for me now, I’ve yanked it off & disposed of it. I’ve also put on a fresh one in a very different location. Hopefully that will help the withdrawal & pain issues until I can get the ones I’m not allergic to tomorrow. I’ve already had my pharmacy order them, just need the corrected script from my doc..
Yay. *sigh*