Stupidity? Ignorance? Arrogance? Take your pick.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it..  but I Hate stupidity..  & ignorance..  People who think they have the right in everything.

Yesterday, I was walking to the doctor’s office (she’s 3 blocks away) and I was standing to wait to cross the street..  now the intersection is a little odd..  one street runs E/W, the other on an angle running NE/SW. So, I am on the south side of the E/W street (let’s call it Lawrence) & ready to cross the NE/SW street (let’s call it Kingston), going west. Now the sidewalks aren’t the biggest, but they will handle 2 people wide & a bit. And a couple crossed Lawrence towards me, both pushing umbrella strollers. I take a step towards the curb (another would have puts me *on* the curb) and the guy says excuse me, expecting to get right the hell off the sidewalk. I had already moved to accommodate to make sure they have room, something that I didn’t have to do. The girl stops, expecting me to move further out of her way. When I don’t, cuz I don’t wanna step into traffic, she goes around me making a big huff about it.   The sidewalk was sufficiently wide enough for her to follow her guy in single file. just cuz they have a stroller, or rather 2, does not give them the right to Always have the entire sidewalk.  Ya know what I mean?

I hate when people are that ignorant or arrogant.. take your pick.. & this is in Canada where we’re supposed to be the polite people.. *sigh*.. We are getting less & less so..

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