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Back in the saddle..

April 20, 2020

This site actually stopped in January 2013.. At that point it got transferred over to self-hosting and these posts were ported over however, the new ones were not ported back.. then when my relationship ended (thankfully) I lost my old self hosted site & many, many posts cuz my cd was accidentally thrown in the trash. .. but finding this mirror site the other day, I was jumping for joy – well, not literally. This site is missing stuff, so I will also be updating the look & design as well as new posts – glad I kept my list of blog post ideas!

So much has changed since I posted on January of 2013. I am no longer with Robert which turned out to be the best for both of us. So, I am now back home in Oshawa Since my parents are older & I’m on a limited budget, they built me my own space in the basement.. It’s win-win.. I have a place to stay that I can afford & access to the car. They get a little extra cash and someone home who can help when needed..

Healthwise, I am doing well and have lost quite a bit since I maxed out at over 300lbs.. The YMCA gym was very helpful even instrumental in getting me better.. water classes, water exercises, yoga, and occasionally a shuffle version of Arriba – a latin-style choreographed series.. & the hot tub.. my savior.. I can feel my body retaliating as I no longer have access to the YMCA & the hot tub in the ladies’s change room.

I will do a post about the covid19 & how *we*, my family & I are dealing with it here at home and to live lives outside while staying safe. So, unlit then…

I hope this finds you & yours, Healthy, Happy & Safe! Wash Your hands!

Oh. My. God.

April 16, 2020

omg… Omg!! OMG!!!! I forgot I had this site.. its the mirror to my old one??

I guess I can start blogging again!!

Is there anyone out there anymore?