Myths of Fibromyalgia – Myth 1/6

Fibromyalgia is not a rare disease, as it occurs in 2–8% of the general population. In Canada that’s between  0.7 &  3 million people  In the UK that’s between  1.3 &  5.3 million people. IIn the US. that’s from 6.6 to a whopping 26 million people.IIt

has also been shown that patients with a family history have an increased risk of developing the illness of up to  8.5x more likely.

Fibro in its earliest form has been known of since the 1800’s when physicians wrote about a condition that leaded to pain, fatigue and disturbed sleep initially called muscular rheumatism or neurasthenia and believed it to be the result of stress.

In 1824, a physician in Edinburgh described tender points and in 1880 a psychiatrist in the United States wrote about a group of symptoms including widespread pain, fatigue and psychological problems.

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