Went for a Hike..

I’ve been feeling good the last few days.. Got in some exercise on Friday and Lilly & I went for a little hike yesterday, Saturday – probably 1.5 km (about a mile)

After we got home from our adventure we sat down in from of the tv to eat.. I watched 2 episodes of CSI before Lilly barked to let me know she wanted out. So I started to move. *That* is when my body informed me that I overdid it..

So, I was on a good day & my walking is back down to less than 1.5k on a hiking trail. Just before COVID19 lockdown, I went with my sister & her kids and my fellow cub leader & her son.. We hiked the Barred Owl trail at Long Sault conservation area.. that was 2.9 km (about 2mikes), on snow & ice, carrying my 15lb dog about 1/3rd of the way cuz she didn’t like the king walk on the ice. So, you can tell my fitness, ability & tolerance levels have dropped significantly.

Hopefully I can start getting out more for walks (that might lead to jogs) now that the weather’s finally warming up..

Wish me luck!!

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