Newly Diagnosed? Here are some thoughts for you.

Fibro can get you down so much. It can also make life so difficult. But it also brings people together, raises awareness and gets people the help they need – but you need to ask 😉

Here are a few thing to keep in mind to help you on your journey…..

  1. Don’t feel guilty. It’s not your fault. You did not cause this.
  2. With Fibro our lives have changed drastically… Don’t feel bad about not being the person you used to be – it’s not your fault…. Try & embrace who you are becoming – the new you.
  3. Housework will always be there tomorrow – but your time, love, experiences won’t be..
  4. Don’t worry about yesterday as it’s gone. Tomorrow hasn’t come yet so enjoy today, however you can. That might be having a bath, taking meds so you can chill out in front of the tv, going for a walk, or whatever you enjoy..
  5. Never ever feel bad about having to rest. This condition is very stressful on our bodies and with poor sleep we got very little healing sleep, so it’s no wonder your exhausted & hurting.
  6. If people want to know how to help you and what is wrong, they will do research. However, you can point family and friends in the right direction by sending them a link to online sites. has the spoon theory which while for another condition, also applied to Fibro.
  7. ENJOY THE GOOD DAYS! But don’t do too much! Took me about 20 years to understand how to pace myself!
  8. Not everything will work. It is a hit & miss process finding out what combination of diet, activity and medications works for you. For example, my bff swears by Gabapentin but I found it exacerbated my symptoms. I am getting great benefit from medical marijuana, but another friend got zero benefit..
  9. There are a ton of online support groups for Fibromyalgia & chronic illness.. Join one or two.. or six… Most others in these groups are like me & are here for you any time you need to chat – that’s one thing I really love about these groups..
  10. There is NO CURE. Ignore anyone who says they were cured, especially if they are trying to sell something – These people do NOT care about you. Or they are in a remission & delusioned in thinking that they are cured.
  11. Some days will be good, some bad and there’s not necessarily anything you could have done to prevent .
  12. This condition waxes and wanes, so while there is no cure, it is possible to improve.. it won’t last as your disease progresses.. Most people once they figure out what works do not deteriorate. I myself am currently bin a form of remission, with pain levels low, but 10 years ago I was bedridden.. Lots of changes over a long time helped me there.. So there is the possibility of improvement & remission with Fibro. I’m just enjoying the increased functionally & lower pain levels while I can.
  13. Flares happen. Sometimes there is nothing you can do to prevent it.. Myself, I’d say 50% of the time I can tell I’ve overdone it & a flare comes on.. The other 50% is unpredictable.. and yes, despite the semi-remission, I still have flares just not to the extent & frequency as I used to.. For that I am eternally grateful.
  14. Above all, take care of yourself and help yourself to feel better. Other people can wait 😉

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