Cubs End for 2020

With COVID, Scouts Canada now does their membership structure differently. For the fall session they had extended current memberships and gave complimentary memberships to new members as long as there is sufficient leadership and space. The new Scouting year starts January 2021.

This means we have finally ended the 2019 – 2020 Scouting year. We’ve lost some youth and, surprisingly, gained some youth. The kids just seem to have had a blast and the leadership is glad to have a Christmas break.. LOL..


In the past for our final meeting we would bake cookies. The youth would press them, decorate them and they’d go home with cookies. But because of covid we cannot have shared food in that way nor are we allowed to be inside in person. Our work around for this? Our second last meeting was virtual with everyone at home baking their cookies. They got to choose the recipe and they mixed them up and baked them (if appropriate).. Our final meeting this week just passed was a campfire and a cookie swap. It’s a neat way to keep a tradition but modify it for the modern world. Plus not many of the youth will have had a campfire with this cold so it was a new experience for most.

So I work with two different groups. The 1st Oshawa Cubs and the 13th Oshawa Cubs.. And both groups are running the exact same program so last week both groups baked their cookies and this week both groups had their campfire and cookie swap..

On Tuesday we had 13 participants in the exchange & on Wednesday we had 15 participants. And each participant gave at least one cookie so I came home with a minimum of 28 cookies. Actually 32 because I swapped out Raksha’s coconut cookies that she didn’t like.. I think final total I think I actually ended up with about 50 cookies, Plus donuts.

The Cub’s Cookies

I’m just really glad to have such great youth & an awesome leadership team.


What does this have to do with Fibromyalgia? Other than the enjoyment I get out of working with these kids and being part of Scouting, absolutely nothing. While, yes, Fibromyalgia is a title of my blog at this time, It also says and”other ramblings by NeonRose” since that’s me this is one of my other ramblings… Check out my IG, ScouterKoolaid if you want to know more about my Scouting.

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