Take Care! Self Care..

Self care at this time is especially important, particularly with the limitations & 1 month lockdown here where I am.

Take care of yourself. You can’t help your kids, spouse, friends, other family if you are not functional. Like they say on flights, put your mask on first before you help others. It’s not selfish, it’s taking care of yourself you are able to help others..

Seriously!! Go drink some water or make yourself some tea. Put on your favorite sweater or take a really long shower. Talk with someone or just scream to vent your negative feelings. Light some candles or spray your favorite perfume. Get up – shower, dress, makeup will give you a sense of accomplishment even if you go nowhere. Watch a favourite television show or movie. Make yourself your favourite meal, or order in for yourself. Check online resources – support groups, information,links. Be aware of who you are & how you feel. Take a walk or find an online yoga class . Learn something or try something new. Wash your face or have long relaxing shower/bath. Give yourself a facial or paint your nails. Stop for a moment and do something that makes you happy.

Most importantly, Breathe.

This life you live is a blessing and it’s way too short to be stressed over all the time.Take time for yourself.Even if it’s just two slow deep breath’s and recognize what you can do for you.

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