Missed Posts

I have noticed that I do miss making some of my posts. I do try to get them up on other Monday or Tuesday and then other Thursday or Friday. I apologize for when I do miss.

There are three possible, but 2 are very opposite reasons. I am either feeling so crappy that I have not interest or motivation due to either physical or mental health, or I am feeling well, so much so that I forget to post cuz I’m actually living my life, taking advantage of the good times.

the third is that I could not find the app to install on my new phone that allows me to easily edit. The WordPress app on Goggle Play bites. I finally had to get it from WordPress.com to get the one I wanted. Now that it’s installed, I should be getting more into the groove.

Yes, I can schedule posts & I do.. I just forget sometimes.

So, I’m sorry..

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