Emotional Reboot

I think this is what happened as a result of my visit last weekend.

I now feel like… Well.. Me..

i feel like ME

As y’all know know, I’ve been on a bit of a downward spiral the last few months. I knew it. I could feel it. I tried to get ahead of it. But with covid, health care resources are either unavailable or severely behind. So I still have 6-8 months untill councelling may be available with my previous councillor, Fran. The rest are just as backed up. .

So Friday I hit a bottom.. A mental health bottom, but not the ultimate bottom, but close to.

On Saturday I didn’t feel as mopey, as tired, an emotional unstable, unhinged as I was on Friday.. Now that could be because I was focused on getting my meds sorted out. Or, it could have my brain processing now that most of the distractions were gone.

On Sunday I was feeling decent, emotionally.. definitely better than I had been for the last month or so.. I was starting to get a little ansy about being in when I still had not seen *anyone* to talk to.. plus I was severely missing Lilly. & I missed my soccer game I was starting to get annoyed.

Monday, I was back a somewhat normal frame of mind. No dark thoughts. Missing Lilly terribly. Wanting my own bed.. Wanting control back over my meds. I was stable, balanced, calm, almost. I am animate that if I didn’t see someone before the hold was up, I was leaving, even AMA.

As you know by my previous post, I was discharged that night.

Since then I have completed reverted back to ME. My Brain no long hurting. My mood is calm and relaxed. My body is no longer tense. I have an interest in Christmas. I have an almost normal appetite. I feel happy, positive, enthusiastic and we’ll.. Happy!

I dont know how or why it happened, but I am eternally grateful that it did happen..

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