No One Bothers

I’m 99% sure that no one I know actually reads this blog. I get no feedback from anyone outside of occasional comments from other WordPress bloggers. So I’m not even sure why I bother. I mean does anyone a tally read this or get anything from it?

And today was a shitty day..

Someone who I thought was a friend, turned on me this morning. I had told this person some personal stuff over the last several months and had explicitly said that it was personal and confidential and to keep it between us. Well this person turned around this morning, took what I said, twisted it, morphed it, changed it to their own liking and told it to someone else a fact. The only information that was correct were the people involved… Fortunately, this person did not realize that the person being told was actually another friend of mine which is why I found it quickly.

so needless to say I’ve been upset today. I have reached out to friends who I thought would be willing or able or even interested in supporting me. I tried to reach him out to my best friend but she’s busy this weekend and next weekend and the weekend after I tried to reset the Skype and seeing because he’s actually the other person who was referred to and he’s too tired too sore and needs a ride to the work in the morning so we can’t even hang out. I got blown off for the other ghost friend because they were just too busy. I don’t have a lot of friends that I can talk to

I think it’s just realization that’s got me more upset than what this person said & the fact that they broke my confidence.

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