Concerns About My Post Content

Firstly, if you don’t like it don’t read it.

Lately I’ve been getting criticized about the extent of, the detail of & excessive amount of information that I have been sharing on my blog in recent weeks..

Well. It is my blog and I can choose what I like true right, how I write it, the topics I choose and the fact that no I don’t burn my journal every 3 weeks like apparently I’m supposed to. This blog started in, I believe 2009. There are not a lot of people who actually read this so I’m not all that concerned. Pour a lot of the stuff specific names are not mentioned so nobody can complain that I am complaining or commenting but someone or something specific.

This blog is is mine. It is for me to share information including treatments, medications, self care, nutrition, exercise, etc. Also for me to share my feelings and emotions about myself. Others around me. My intimate and personal relationships.

Yes I’m sharing this, and I do know that this is going on to the internet and once it’s there there is no bringing it back. However no one really reads this and as per responses to request for feedback in other posts, no one really cares to share or to have issues with what I say..So I’m going to say whatever I bloody well please..

For courtesy sake I will, have & do give warning on sexual or intimate topics that certain people in my life may not wish to her. And just in general it may be considered an overshare which is why the warning is there. In bright red…

Enjoy this corner of my mind

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