New Relationship

My ex got me on to the social media platform known as Kik. This is a text chat medium. In addition to my Ex’s groups I am in 2 others In all 5 groups I am in, I am an Administrator.

It was in October, that he noticed me. We chatted in the group then into private messaging where he told me what caught his attention with how I would administrate the group such as encouraging participation and introducing topics.

In private message we found that we actually had quite a bit of common and that we were looking for similar things from life.

On October 30th we transferred over to direct text messaging. As we kept speaking with each other we found that we have a similar moral base with similar ethics. We continue to find things an interest that we had in common. We noticed a compatibility and an attraction as we had exchange photos. Our personalities have, thus far, meshed well with a similar sence if humour.

While we have differences it has created interesting conversation as opposed to conflict. Neither of us is adverse to compromise or there are ways to adapt. And, we’ve already had one major disagreement, but we talked out out. Due to the nature of the topic and the sensitivity, we both decided it was too early in the relationship to be addressed. While it will need to be addressed, it should be revisited when things become more settled between us.

The biggest hurdle we see between us, at this time, is the physical distance as he lives 2+ hours away on the other side of the city.

Late December, we met for coffee. After leaving Tim Horton’s after 1½hr, we chatted and connected in his truck for another 2 hours. Man can he kiss!

The next day he was already asking when we could see each other & we met for lunch less than a week later just before New Years Due to holidays & personal commitments over the Christmas season, we were unable to see each other until the new year.

The weekend before last we were supposed to get together to go for a hike together. Unfortunately, due to unexpected work commitments then health issues, we had to reschedule & reschedule.

We ended up rescheduling this Thursday past & we had a good time.. Trail was not the “easy” level it indicated, but we still managed ok despite the steep hills, fallen trees and inconsistent spots of mud We found that while we can talk we are also comfortable with our silence.

We already have a commitment for the day for the Saturday this coming weekend. Swimming & snowshoeing are currently on the books, as well as dinner. I expect we’ll have a ton of fun.

While I’m not home the following two weekends after due to personal commitments, I am hoping to see him in between, during the week. Because of the distance between us it may not be possible but I hope so!

I get butterflies when we talk, when we text & most importantly when we have spent time together. Wish us luck cuz we both want a nltr, hopefully with each other. 🙂

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