How I’m a Functional Cub Scout Leader, part 2

Since my last post the packs have returned back to their former alignment. We are completely seperated. My group is meeting at our church with our program, they are meeting at their church running their program.

Before the split as primary contact scouter, I was getting less support from some of the leadership in the other group. I was even receiving blacklash without assistance to change. Add that we had the potential, and did at some meetings, to have almost 50 youth That’s alot of kids.

To cope, I finally told my group commissioner that we either split or unfortunately leave Cubs which I did not want to do. It has the desired effect and our commissioner told their commissioner & their contact scouter. The rest of their leadership was told 2 meetings prior to the youth. The youth were told at the second last meeting of 2022 that the group was splitting as of January.

So, the 13th Leadership had a planning meeting – whoo hoo! – I donn’t have to decide everything anymore. While alot still sits on my shoulders, this smaller team is working together and actually discusses issues. And because there are no drawn out conversations or prolonged arguments, our group chat is now clear, concise and effective. And with 20 Cubs the youth is alot more manageable and I’m going to be able to connect with parents alot more effectively.

What I Do To Cope.

Well, with all the recent changes, there is significantly less stress. Plus my leadership team just does what needs to be done. I’ve had a load come of my shoulders as a result.

But what do I actually ‘do’?

I rest.. before and after meetings.. I try not to have anything going on Tuesday afternoons if I can avoid it.. and nothing Wednesday mornings to early afternoon aswell

After most cub meetings, I am able to go over to the gym and take advantage of the hot tub. This helps relax the muscles that have tensed up. I find if I don’t get that hot tub, I do not feel all to great the next day. My pain goes up, the fatigue increases, my sleep is impaired and some of my other issues crop up.

Also, I expel alot of energy in a good way during our closing. The fel expression my enthusiasm, the youth’s enthusiasm for our jungle closing is cathartic. “Wood and Water, Wind and Tree! Wisdom, Strength & Courtesy! Jungle Gever Go with Thee! Good Night! Good Hunting!” And because of a previous leaders addition the youth add of their own volition “& Go Straight Home!”

What I Can’t Do.

Generally I can not participate in most of the games. Those just take too much energy & depending on the game, it may be physically changing or flat out wipe me out or hurt me..

We have a camp coming up. We have limited bunks available, but I require my own bunk & preferably away from the youth, so I can sleep. I’ll be taking ear plugs, just like I did while tenting last spring. I need my sleep to function & to heal. But I also have 3 other leaders and a parent volunteer I can depend upon for assistance. Chill has already agreed for breakfast KP duties which is awesome cuz I don’t do mornings well.

Anything that requires me to do anything on the floor is also very challenging as the process of getting up & getting down are difficult.

But its worth it!

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