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Good Day

June 20, 2009

Today was a good day, physically speaking. Today was the Lacrosse Day of Champions for my step son’s Lacrosse League. Rob coaches 2 teams & is the House League Director.

My day started very early, so last night I was in bed before 9:30 – unheard of when I’m not crashed out. This morning I rolled out of bed at 6:10am – amazing accomplishment considering I don’t normally get up til noon. Got dressed & packed up & out the door to get the van we were renting for the day. Finished at the Rental agency by 7.30. Head up north to the arena ( I live 20km/12mi from the arena) to drop off my other half. Off to pick up my stepson & grab breakfast & back to the arena by 9.30am. Help unpack the van.

I take a few minutes to watch the Peanuts play (those are the little anklebiters) & then off to be girl friday (even tho it’s Saturday).. Most of the next few hours was spent between doing some in-house tasks & sitting down to read. Oddly enuf, I was *still* doing good.. No pain, no fatigue.. So, at 11.30 I drop off my step-son & get my lunch. I come back by 12 & eat while Rob’s on the floor coaching the Novice kids.. He’s just bouncing off the walls in enthusiasm.. I had to run (yes, run-or as close as I can get to a run) to the change rooms to get an Ice pack for an injury – twice (yes, twice) When his game finishes, I head out to pick up his lunch while the third novice game is on to see who wins. I’m back shortly after 1pm & decide to head to his parent’s place for a nap.

So I’ve been a busy body with bits of activity & bits of no activity, but no real “rest” periods, not like my doc wants (I’ll explain rest to ya’ll another time).. But I’m still not having pain.. & not the devastating fatigue of the CFS.. What I haven’t done by this point is taken my meds… at 12 noon, I am supposed to take my codeine contin – 12 hour release that I take at 12 noon & 12 midnight.. So, no wonder when I wake up form my nap & I’m sore and achey and still & starting to hurt.. *this* is when I realize I haven’t taken my meds. Of course, where are they – the arena.

When I get to the arena Rob’s ready to go.. immediately loads up the van & off we go – no real time for me to take anything.. with a detour to Dollaramma & I fergot about my meds again.. So I don’t get my meds until dinner – we hit the Keg on the way home and while waiting in the bar for our table, I take them.. 5 of ‘em.. ya, that’s a small chunk of medication. But interestingly enough, I’ve started to feel better after I had gotten moving around.. And interestingly, My leggs didn’t ache when I got up from sitting at dinner like they normally do.. When I sit for extended periods, like a social chatty dinner that lasts almost 2 hours, then ya, the leggs are usually difficult to get moving..

So, now we’re home, the van’s unpacked, I’ve got the overnight info for parking the van cuz we’re not going to take it back until tomorrow morning. I’ve gone on FaceBook to geed my virtual roses.. I’ve done a blog post & now writing this one at almost 11pm and I am still going.. Where’s Rob? Crashed out on the bed. But I am heading to bed soon too..

But it’s been a good day… Am I gonna feel it tomorrow? Unfortunately, yes.

What support looks like

June 1, 2009

What support looks like:
1) Ask someone how they are
2) Ask what they are doing to cope
3) Ask them what you can do

Source: Andrea Martell aka @killandra

What do I do?

May 30, 2009

For my fibromyalgia, I currently take the following Medications/supplements

  • Multi-vitamin – Naturapathy Dr does not recommend Centrum or most pharmacy brand multi’s
  • Calcium & Magnesium with vitamin D – Calcium cuz Women with Endo are more susceptible to Osteoporosis. Mg & D to help absorb the Calcium. The Magnesium also to help with muscle spasms & charlie horses. I have found that it has helped.
  • Fish oils – Generic fish oils, minimum 1000mg a day .. Well, I try to. Naturapathy Dr recommended 1000mg-3000mg daily of the EPA+DHA to help with mental acuity. I’m still waiting for the fog to lift, but I’m not usually getting enough to impact because I fog up & forget.. Lovely catch 22 there.
  • B complex to help with stress and ensure that I get enough B’s. No, I don’t take a stress formula. Just a normal B complex.. either 50mg or 100mg
  • Codeine Contin for maintenance pain.
  • Tylenol #3 for breakthrough pain
  • Oxycodone for severe breakthrough pain
  • Flexeril (Cyclobenzaprine) as a muscle relaxer. I find it better than anything OTC..
  • Probiotics to help regulate my digestive track – it works, ‘cept when I have an IBS flare or food sensitivity
  • NSAID, but it’s for my Endometriosis, so I don’t really know if it does impact my FMS or not.

For my fibromyalgia, I currently participate in the following exercise:

  • Aqua-fit, really carefully – I’m just getting back into exercise, so I am trying to get to the gentle classes. My local YMCA gym has a class or arthritics and for osteoporosis. Aqua-fit is a good choice because of the buoyancy of the water, it doesn’t impact my knees, and it’s a gentle cardio
  • Seriously, right now that’s it. I need access to a hot tub to do further exercise to keep my body warm.

For my fibromyalgia, I intend to return to the following exercises:

  • Yoga with the hot tub – Yoga provides gentle stretching while working on core strength and balance. The hot tub helps to keep muscles relaxed afterward.
  • Keeping up with Aqua-fit – see above 🙂
  • Walking the track to music with the hot tub – I got into walking when my nieces were born, walking with my sister. After I joined the Y and my nephew was born, I would take him in his stroller to walk him around the track. He’s too old now, but I have found it enjoyable with my MP3 player (or CD player back then). I sometimes dance a little bit and my pace changes with the music I’m listening to. It’s hard to overexert myself. 🙂 The hot tub helps to keep muscles relaxed afterward.

A benefit from the exercise is that I tend to be tired out afterward and relaxed. This makes evening workouts ideal in that I go home, go straight to bed and will sleep well, with a decent amount of healing rest. This improves me, physically, emotionally and mentally for the next day.

For my fibromyalgia. my spiritual side is limited. I don’t go to church often, however I do find solace in my home church’s sanctuary. I’ve moved away from my home church and have yet to try out the sanctuary here. I also find the same ‘state of grace’ from music, especially my churchy music 🙂

For my fibromyalgia, because of my physical limitation, I am limited socially. Most of my social interaction is via the internet on Twitter, Facebook, Email, etc.. The alternative to that in real life is with my SO and his friends. Most of my friends no longer talk to me, or are too far away for more than email. The classes as the Y present a new socialization source, which I hope to be helpful. With the improvement of my health I would like to return to scouting in some sort of part-time or limited capacity.

For my fibromyalgia and my cognitive abilities, I am starting this blog. It will help keep me thinking and requires research. It also provides a creative outlet. I also enjoy doing word searches and have, on recommendation on my therapist, started to colour and have other crafts options available to me.

For my fibromyalgia and an emotional aspect, I have a councilor and have been placed on anti-depressants. While my time with her is limited I do find that I feel better after I speak with her. Additionally I have the support with my SO. While sometimes he can not understand and becomes frustrated, I know he only has best intentions where I am concerned.

How do I cope? Not well. Other than the limited exercise mentioned above, the odd screaming match and the rarer still church visit, I have no real outlets.. Which sucks. Before I got sick, my outlets for frustration and anger and stress were physical. With the fibro, I have lost that. Any suggestions are welcome 🙂