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Koolaid Cold Syrup?

August 10, 2011

I’ve not been doing well this last week.. Been struck down with a nasty summer bug.. My SO, the sweetheart that he is, went to the pharmacy to get me some cold syrup to help me feel better.. He bought the generic store brand, but asked me what flavour. Seeing as they never taste like they should I choose grape, cuz the others I didn’t like and could only be worse..
I was initially pleasantly surprised that it actually had a grape flavour, very similar to the flavour of the Koolaid grape drink..
As I thought about it, I became concerned as this medication can be given to children as young as 6.. At that age they don’t necessarily realize or understand that they can’t drink any more than what mommy or daddy gives them, cuz it tastes good! I mean, who’s ever heard of a medication that tastes good?
If you do buy these yummy cough & cold products, make sure you keep them securely away from children and make it clear, every time they get a dose that even those it tastes good, it is medicine. And that taking too much medicine can make you more sick then without the medicine..


Has anyone else encountered these tasty medications? How do you deal with the possibility of your wanting more?