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Myth Debunked II of VI

May 9, 2021


Yes and No.. Referred to as both a ‘wastebasket disease’ and ‘umbrella term’, fibromyalgia is often seen as a catch-all for symptoms that don’t fit other conditions and can’t be easily explained. Seeing fibromyalgia as a trashcan diagnosis links with the assumption its not a real condition in and of itself.


Fibromyalgia encompasses a myriad of symptoms, though many people also have additional diagnoses to account for other problems they’re experiencing. I don’t experience fibromyalgia in a vacuum; I also have CFS/ME, Osteoarthritis, Joint arthritis, Depression Hypothyroidism Endometriosis, IBS and Myofascial Pain Syndrome. and so on. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2006 by a rheumatologist who said I had “Symptoms consistent with Fibromyalgia” was further confirmed with the trigger point test. I even had to correct a doctor who didn’t know exactly when the points are. As a patient of Dr Bested at the Environment Health Clinic and eventually her private practice, she had me running tests out of the wazzo. The results just confirmed yes I have fibromyalgia. I was also ‘diagnosed’ with CFS at that point, but I know if been dealing with even longer than fibro.


Because fibromyalgia can’t be objectively tested and measured, it’s a challenging diagnosis for many doctors to accurately reach and it’s made harder still when healthcare professionals are either sceptical, unsupportive or totally disbelieving of either fibromyalgia itself or the symptoms you’rel presenting them with.

Although it can involve various symptoms, the current list I’m aware of for possible symptoms is over 300 long. Any of these can be experienced differently by each person.

Fibromyalgia is a distinct condition. It may overlap with other illnesses but classic symptoms are still typically prevalent.

Is Fibromyalgia Progressive?

January 15, 2021

In a word, No.

It is not a progressive disease in the technical medical sense.. However it does wax and wane as things change in your life.. For many people this does appear to be progressive as their body fails more as they get older.. but as you find better strategies and medications to cope you can also swing the other way and improve.

If Fibromyalgia was progressive, how could people have symptoms improve, partially, like me or full remission that does, only rarely mind you, happen..

I was, at one point almost completely bedridden, but am now able to live a relatively ‘normal’ life. Lots of slow prolonged changes have happened over the years with strong support for this to eventually lead me to my current improved health.

Before you tell me I don’t have fibromyalgia because my symptoms got better, there is zero chance I have something else. Dr Alison Bested, who at the time was the absolute top of world in the field of Fibromyalgia & CFS/ME, confirmed my diagnosis. When I was referred to her I had already had several blood tests taken, seen her in the environmental health clinic and had a diagnosis of “symptoms consistent with fibromyalgia” by rheumatologist. And her private practice, she sent me for additional blood work. This blood work required two trips, two separate trips, a minimum a week apart to get enough blood needed to run all the tests she requested to ensure that there was absolutely nothing else. Everything came back negative or normal. I have Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Believe you- me.. I am aware and grateful that I am doing well. I know my body will again swing the other way.. Until then I am enjoying this upswing in my issues.

So, fibro, while not progressive, it does give that impression as there does tend to be more downhill than uphill.