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It Finally Happened Again

August 13, 2021

So on Friday or late Thursday my sciatica flared up, because of my osteoarthritis… And with Cub camp on Saturday there is no way I would have been able to function.

So I went to the ER, the first time since covid started, and possibly even the first time in 2 years…

Previously when I went to Lakeridge health Oshawa I was expecting compassion, respect and dignity. I’m sure if you go back far enough you will see posts of getting policy changed in the Scarborough hospitals.

On Friday the first thing the doctor said to me was “So I hear you can’t afford Toradol?”” well that’s professional. He agrees to give me some Toradol after I saw I don’t want narcotics.. Toradol in an anti-inflammatory..

Every other time I’ve gone to the emergency department in the hospital, but Centenary, Scarborough Gen, or Lakeridge Health Oshawa I have been given an injection of 30 mg of Toradol. Frequently I am also given another 30 mg tablet to take it home later. And occasionally the doctors do offer me a muscle relaxer as well

All I got on Friday for a chronic pain flare bad enough for me to drag my ass to an emergency department in a pandemic was 10mg of Toradol. There is absolutely no way that someone with chronic pain, specifically in a flare with pain spiking, the 10 f****** mg of Toradol is going to do anything.

The one thing it did, was put me in tears.

I ended overdosing on naproxen at home just to get enough relief so that I could work with my Cub Scouts the next day.

Before some dough head makes a comment about me being a Scouter while having chronic pain. If I didn’t do anything because I had pain I wouldn’t be doing anything at all – I’d be a freaking hermit. And I’m very much enjoy working with the kids to allow that.

And before someone else says let somebody else run the meeting, I was the Scouter in Charge on Saturday. I was the one who actually knew exactly what we were doing, leading several of the activities & the only one familiar enough with the area to run a hike… I am also the one who, if something happened, I would be the one responsible whether I was there or not. So your damn straight I’m going to make it up to the day.

Stupidity? Ignorance? Arrogance? Take your pick.

June 10, 2012

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it..  but I Hate stupidity..  & ignorance..  People who think they have the right in everything.

Yesterday, I was walking to the doctor’s office (she’s 3 blocks away) and I was standing to wait to cross the street..  now the intersection is a little odd..  one street runs E/W, the other on an angle running NE/SW. So, I am on the south side of the E/W street (let’s call it Lawrence) & ready to cross the NE/SW street (let’s call it Kingston), going west. Now the sidewalks aren’t the biggest, but they will handle 2 people wide & a bit. And a couple crossed Lawrence towards me, both pushing umbrella strollers. I take a step towards the curb (another would have puts me *on* the curb) and the guy says excuse me, expecting to get right the hell off the sidewalk. I had already moved to accommodate to make sure they have room, something that I didn’t have to do. The girl stops, expecting me to move further out of her way. When I don’t, cuz I don’t wanna step into traffic, she goes around me making a big huff about it.   The sidewalk was sufficiently wide enough for her to follow her guy in single file. just cuz they have a stroller, or rather 2, does not give them the right to Always have the entire sidewalk.  Ya know what I mean?

I hate when people are that ignorant or arrogant.. take your pick.. & this is in Canada where we’re supposed to be the polite people.. *sigh*.. We are getting less & less so..