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Myth Debunked V of VI

May 30, 2021


Although more women than men are diagnosed with fibromyalgia, the condition can affect men, women and children. The condition doesn’t discriminate by age, race or gender.

Myself, my issues started at age 19-20 when I has mono during summer break

They have also found that with the new criteria, there are many more men who are getting accurately diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Can Men Get Fibromyalgia?

April 2, 2021

Absolutely!! Yes!!

So why is Fibromyalgia considered a woman’s disease?

Male bodies are different from the female body. When doing a trigger point test on a woman you have to press enough down to change the color of the practitioners thumb pad. This amount of pressure in a woman with fibromyalgia will trigger pain. But the musculature in a male body requires more pressure to get the same response. It’s simply a matter of anatomy.

So why are men not getting diagnosed?

Because there is a stigma that fibromyalgia is a “women’s disease” or that men who get fibromyalgia are wussies or sissies.. Society’s expectation that men moreso than women should “suck it up.” Men also likely to have their symptoms dismissed.

So how are men getting diagnosed now?

In 2016 Fibromyalgia diagnostic criteria and it’s diagnostic process was revised. While many physicians still use the trigger point tested is no longer considered a standard. Through this new criteria, more men are starting to get diagnosed.

Will it always be a “Women’s disease”?

No.. Because it never was. Women were the the ones willing & able to get diagnosed. Do I think it will be a 50/50-ish split? No… I do think more women have fibromyalgia than men. The current figures say men make up 10% of all diagnoses, but I think it’s more likely 35% or maybe as high as 40%. But not close to 50%.