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Should Morgan Freeman Speak Out About Fibromyalgia?

February 14, 2017

The author of the original piece first discussed why Freeman, being an atypical fibromite, would even make an appropriate spokesperson.
He’s male; most people with fibro a women, but this could bring more attention to men with fibro.
He’s active, but he’s also significantly limited in what he can do and his last role in London Falling was done almost entirely done from behind a desk.
Does he really have FM? The interview where he comes out saying he has FM, but comment about his arm “That’s where is gets bad. Excruciating.” So is it just his arm or is it bodywide? From the way I understand what he says is that the arm is the ‘worst’.. we all have spots that are typically ‘worst’..

While is is a personal decision, what do you think? Should he, iyo, become an advocate for all of us with Fibromyalgia?

The original article no longer exists.. However, below is a link to a copy of the original article which also discusses my points above.