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New Level of Weight Loss

December 3, 2021

In the Winter of 2012, I stepped on the scale at my pain physician’s office, CPM Scarborough and was flabbergasted when the number came up. 303.6. I was absolutely horrified.

From there I started to eat less and to get moving more and slowly over the years, the weight has slowly and consistently, bar some plateaus, come off..

While my regular pain physician is no longer in that office, I do, in the winter, see her colleague in that Scarborough location This Wednesday I stepped on that same scale that years ago said 303.6.

It read 189.2.

Do you know what that means? As it is the same scale, it means I have lost 114½ pounds so far.

Do you know what else that means? I’m at high school weight. No just able to fit in high school clothes, but the actual numbers?! I’ve not been this light since I graduated highschool. At the end of Grade 13 I was 191lb. So I am about the same weight I was in my highschool graduations pictures .

I’m the same weight, give or take, in these 2 pictures..

More Non-Scale Victories!

October 23, 2020

Wearing a Belt. I’m 7 notches shorter on my belt, not even a 3x belt, but a 2x belt that has notches all the way around. & I can wear my smaller belts again!

Fit Old Smaller Clothes. I’m talking fittung into clothing from high school. I pulled out some of my old clothes I had from my marksman competition days when I shot on the Junior Regional & provincial teams in 1999-91. I was stunned to find they actually fit! And one item was too big!!

Moving Like A Normal Person.. It surprising how many things plus people do differently than how ‘normal’ sized people do. For example, I don’t have to tie my shoe from the side cuz the fat is in the way and I can do more yoga poses properly cuz the roll on my tummy stopped me from folding.

Shrinking Fingers. I’ve had to replace rings in a size 6, or wear rings I had in highschool.. Anyone interested in size 7 or 8 rings? Stirling silver or costume..

Increased Flexibility. My body moves differently, better.. I can stretch further than I used to. Maybe one day I will be able to do the splits. Lol.

Decreased Appetite.. It’s not always to the same amount. I used to be able to eat a medium 8 skice pizza plus wings & Cheesey bread but now I’m only interested in 2-3 pieces.. But the other night I could only eat half a small potato & half of a small steak. But also, the other day, I bought a 12″ sub & ate the whole thing plus cookies, but it took a while. Instead of 15 minutes, I took 2 hours to enjoy my dinner. So, yes, there are variations, but generally, I have about 1/3rd of the appetite I used to have.

Can’t Grab My Tummy Roll. Growing up, pants & jeans were made in more of a low-rise style, so I always have worn my clothes just able my hips, so that is where my belt sits. Sinching in my waist repeatedly over the years has resulting into 2 rolls in my stomach, one above my waist, one below. I can’t quite grab my lower tummy roll much & what I can grab is almost entirely loose skin. Not Fat.

I Can See My Scar! 20 I had a laparotomy in my incision went from hip to hip I’m up towards my belly button. While I can still see the scar from the vertical incision, I haven’t been able to see the horizontal incision for over a decade. This is because I was unable to move the roll of fat far enough to be able to see around it to see the scar. I was drying off the other day and noticed cuz of the lax I was able to move the roll much more easily. I took a peek to see if I could see & I can.. & that scar has faded nicely.

I can do more. I’ve noticed that I am physically able to do more.. Yes I have fibro & that limits stuff, but I’m able to do things I couldn’t before. Like make my bed. It’s in a corner to difficult to access the far side to make the bed, but I’m having not problems getting those sheets on anymore.

For those on your own weight-loss journey, what Non-Scale Victories have you had?

More Non-Scale Victories

July 25, 2020

I can dive into the damn pool. Any attempts in the last 25-20 years resulted in a belly flop not a stream lined dive. 🙂

I had to get a new brace. I had gotten a knee brace in 2017? I had to go down a size cuz of the amount of weight I’ve lost. Do you know how much weight you have to loose to go down s size in a medical knee brace?

I still shop in plus stores.. an X or all 1X. But I can also shop in regular stores.. Most of my newer clothes are size L/XL..

Non-Scale Victories

July 9, 2020

All these tags are from my clothing.. A size 4X is a 26/28. This is what I wore at my highest weight. I am now in a size 16, a L/XL!! That’s a huge drop.

The last I wore this fanny pack was two years ago at The Phoenix. So, today I put it on and for it to fit, I had to SHORTEN it, but a whopping SEVEN Inches. So, in 2 years, I’ve lost 7 inches of my waist..

I only have one question here – Where in God’s name did my second chin go?!? 😉

So I shaved my Leggs the other day. That, in & of itself, is pretty impressive. But that’s not the victory, although that is one.. But I looked, actually looked at my Leggs, my calves for the first time in a *long* time, like really looked. I I was impressed & happy with what I saw. A visibly smaller leg than what I recall and toning, definition! Whoo hooo!!

A final one. I stopped by my sister’s place some weeks back to pick up the dog. When I walked in the door, wearing summercsummer that actually fit me.. My 19 yo niece looks at me and says.. “Have you lost weight?” She’s never seen me at this weight before, none or the niece’s & nephews have. Not have many of my friends. Obviously my friends from highschool, yeah, but they aren’t high in number.. cuz I’m at the weight I was when I was in college.