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They Can’t See It.

June 21, 2020

A few days ago my Dad asked me if I was gonna join him & Mom at the cottage this weekend. I said no. He stated they were going to my brother’s on Saturday then come home. I hedged, taking a deep breath, then my Dad stopped, looked at me and says “For Father’s Day.” Well played, Dad. Well played.

So, Satuday.. (Dad decided to just go up to my brother’s on Saturday & not the cottage.) And just getting out of bed, I can tell that this was not going to a great day.

Ok, 2 hour drive to my brother’s.. In the back seat of the van. We did have a pit stop part way up to get out & stretch. I also used my Obus Form back rest in the van. So, it could have been worse.

We got there shortly after 1.. I frgot take take my noon meds until about 2-2:30 only to realize, that while indie bring my Robes, I grabbed the wrong bottle & did not have my prescription muscle relaxer. So, I made do with the Robax instead.

We then spent the entire afternoon in lawns chairs on the grass, then the deck for dinner. As the day wore on, I became in more & more pain, even taking extra Tylenol, more than I’m supposed to.. I had no opportunity to rest, or to even lay down. The day, was not going well, health-wise.

But apparently I hid it well. Mom didn’t even know it was having significant problems. That is until we got in the van for the 2hr drive home. Then she noticed.. & asked if I was ok. Of course, I said no, but there’s not much to do about it.

Then I guess Dad figured that he should get us home faster and it was a really rough & jarring ride. That doesnt help, getting jostled around the back seat as he takes turn quickly and sharply.. But he did get us home 13 minutes faster than expected.

As you can tell by the publish time, it’s morning – a time i rarely see, but cuz of all that happened, I’m still awake and in pain cuz I overdid it.

So, I figure one of the following happened: 1. They Can’t see it. 2. They don’t see it, 3. They won’t see it . 4. I’m getting beat better at hiding it.

What do you think?

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Stupidity? Ignorance? Arrogance? Take your pick.

June 10, 2012

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it..  but I Hate stupidity..  & ignorance..  People who think they have the right in everything.

Yesterday, I was walking to the doctor’s office (she’s 3 blocks away) and I was standing to wait to cross the street..  now the intersection is a little odd..  one street runs E/W, the other on an angle running NE/SW. So, I am on the south side of the E/W street (let’s call it Lawrence) & ready to cross the NE/SW street (let’s call it Kingston), going west. Now the sidewalks aren’t the biggest, but they will handle 2 people wide & a bit. And a couple crossed Lawrence towards me, both pushing umbrella strollers. I take a step towards the curb (another would have puts me *on* the curb) and the guy says excuse me, expecting to get right the hell off the sidewalk. I had already moved to accommodate to make sure they have room, something that I didn’t have to do. The girl stops, expecting me to move further out of her way. When I don’t, cuz I don’t wanna step into traffic, she goes around me making a big huff about it.   The sidewalk was sufficiently wide enough for her to follow her guy in single file. just cuz they have a stroller, or rather 2, does not give them the right to Always have the entire sidewalk.  Ya know what I mean?

I hate when people are that ignorant or arrogant.. take your pick.. & this is in Canada where we’re supposed to be the polite people.. *sigh*.. We are getting less & less so..