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Remission! What is it?

October 2, 2020

What does this look like? Honestly, it’s not that different. Most people who have chronic illnesses only go out when they are having good day.. In remission, you are having primarily good days.. So, the big change is that people will see more of that person. Instead of once every 2-3 weeks, depending on your relationship, you might see them 2-3 times in a week!

What does it look like for me? It looks like better connections with family & friends as I can see and interact with them more.. It looks like consistent cubs meetings with a higher participation. It looks like I can do something from before but without the bad consequences like I was able to go for a hike down by the lake today and tomorrow I may be a little sore, instead of a nice big crash that used to happen.

Remission means a temporary relief from pain, fatigue & other dymptoms. I can do so much more than I could!

Do I still crash? Absolutely.. Does it happen as much right now? No. Is it as bad, as painful, right now? No, actually the pain is better right now. Does it last as long? Not usually.

So, I’m sure you are wondering, can I return to ‘normal’ life? No.. I’m still having off days. I still can & do overdo it. I crashed out one day last week for no particular reason. Today I am toast cuz of the weather shift earlier in the week. I having been slowly adding more ‘normal’ things to my life including friendships, romantic relationships, scouting commitments, family interactions, increased activity including exercise.

Am I still in pain? Am I symptomatic? Sbsolutely. That one reason I know I’m not ‘cured’ I still have pain evety single day. But lately it’s only a 2 or 3 on the pain scale these days.. I still am exhausted, but I don’t necessarily need the 12+ hours of sleep to recover from a regular day. IBS? Oh yeah., Fibro Fog? Definately.. Sensitivities? Sure, some less intense.. Morning stiffness? Oh yeah, but it’s usually less..

Why am I in remission? What did I do? I can’t say for sure, but the timing of the end of a toxic even abusive long-term relationship may have something to do with it. I returned home, slowly rebuilt relationships, re-establishing connections, increased fitness, weight loss, changed my meds & got off several, decreased dosages of others.. Lots of good changes, all of which may have contributed to my current status.

Will this last? I wish, but I doubt it.

No Cure but Remission

June 16, 2020

It’s amazing the number of times someone has come up to me and said oh I used to have Fibromyalgia and I did this to cure it. Well.. first of all there is NO CURE. They can not determine a cure if they don’t have a cause.


They can, however have treatments. Some of these treatments, while working for some but not for others. For example I have several Fibri Friends who say that Gabapentin was s saviour for them. I, however, found the opposite effects for that medication resulting in dramatically increased pain and a long-term flare.

Some treatment s for some people put us Fibromites into REMISSION. If you are cured, you didn’t have Fibro and were misdiagnosed. Your symotons are the result of something other medical condition.

Remission can but a full remission when, yes your pain and symptoms are gone, but they can return – and they will. There’s also partial remission where pain levels drop, fatigue levels drop, functionality increases and you are feeling ‘better’..

I was on this path when COVID19 hit and I lost almost all of my supports. So, I’m back several years, but still trying day by day.