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Stupidity at the Mall

September 10, 2021

Warning – 100% Venting!

Earlier this week, I was having a big craving for Greek food but I did not want to pay an arm or a leg for it either. That means Jimmy the Greek..

So I had to go into the food court at the local mall.. This is the first time I’ve been since before covid. So I wasn’t sure what to expect but fortunately the food court is off an entrance.

So when I walk in the first thing I noticed is the number of people. It looked to be at normal pre-covid occupancy.. mind you the West plastic up everywhere, barriers in place so you can’t just cut through the seating section and tape and arrows and direction on the ground. I thought that this was a good sign except that I noticed people were not necessarily following the mall’s guidelines.

Fortunately, Jimmy the Greek is the third fast food retailer in the food court so I didn’t have to go around a lot of people. That still doesn’t stop stupidity.

As I’m walking through I am trying significantly hard to try to social distance from other people. Yes I was wearing my mask, but still…

When I get to the restaurant there are two people at the counter getting their food and three people in line waiting to place their orders. They are actually physically in line like they would have been 2 years ago, one right behind the other – maybe 2 feet apart.. They should be in line on the lineup tape/signs that was taped on the ground so that nobody was within two meters (6ft) of each other to ensure safety. Now each retailer has this. But apparently I’m the only one who knows how to use it.

So when it was clear and the girl called me up.. As I’m stepping forward this guy with his kids come barreling through, not only does he come close to me but also almost runs into me! What the Hell?!?!

So, I went up and place my order. There were still people ahead of me but the closest was 2 meters and the other was 4 m away from me. All good. Except the lady behind me beside me was waiting longer for her meal and then added to her meal. So she was taking significantly longer and I went around her to go pay for my meal which was being put at the cash.

And what does the psycho do but go back to the end of the countertop where the cashier is even though she doesn’t have her food yet. So I have to come scrambling back to get out of her way cuz she just came right at me.

The only reason why this chick got out of the way is because of the staff told her to so that I can pay.. Oh. My. God. How can you beat that oblivious??

So I pay for my meal. I turn around and look down at the floor trying to find direction on which way to go. There are, at that point, no visible signs that I could see telling me which direction to go. So I head back the way I came and just as I’m getting to the end of the restaurants I finally see a sign telling me which way to go and I find out I’m going the wrong bloody way.. *sigh*

Needless to say, I’m not likely to be going to the mall again anytime soon.

BTW, does anyone else wear their mask while going through the drive-thru or getting curbside pickup that gets handed to you?

Stupidity? Ignorance? Arrogance? Take your pick.

June 10, 2012

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it..  but I Hate stupidity..  & ignorance..  People who think they have the right in everything.

Yesterday, I was walking to the doctor’s office (she’s 3 blocks away) and I was standing to wait to cross the street..  now the intersection is a little odd..  one street runs E/W, the other on an angle running NE/SW. So, I am on the south side of the E/W street (let’s call it Lawrence) & ready to cross the NE/SW street (let’s call it Kingston), going west. Now the sidewalks aren’t the biggest, but they will handle 2 people wide & a bit. And a couple crossed Lawrence towards me, both pushing umbrella strollers. I take a step towards the curb (another would have puts me *on* the curb) and the guy says excuse me, expecting to get right the hell off the sidewalk. I had already moved to accommodate to make sure they have room, something that I didn’t have to do. The girl stops, expecting me to move further out of her way. When I don’t, cuz I don’t wanna step into traffic, she goes around me making a big huff about it.   The sidewalk was sufficiently wide enough for her to follow her guy in single file. just cuz they have a stroller, or rather 2, does not give them the right to Always have the entire sidewalk.  Ya know what I mean?

I hate when people are that ignorant or arrogant.. take your pick.. & this is in Canada where we’re supposed to be the polite people.. *sigh*.. We are getting less & less so..