Hairdresser Appointment

So, I had my first hairdresser appointment in months on Wednesday. I’ve not been to see her because of restrictions here in Ontario due to the pandemic.

No, I didn’t go wild & change anything, just a trim & tidy.

While many fibromite women find this to be a chore, I enjoy these visits.

Monique washes my hair & gives it a good scrub, which I can not do very well for myself. As a result I get a really nice head massage.

She then starts ‘playing ‘ with my hair, combing, brushing, cutting. I actually really enjoy the sensation of someone playing with my hair, even if it’s just to brush it. I find it totally relaxing .. I trust Monique not the screw up my hair, so sometimes I’ll just wait there with my eyes closed.

Afterwards, my hair, while still long is so much more thinner. Between cleaning the layers up & the thinning, I loose quite a bit of hair and the difference in the weight is significant. My hair then looks, feels & just is healthier. It also just plain ole looks better!

After the hairdresser June 2020

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