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May 10, 2010

Today started out as a good day, despite the pain, which was manageable. We went downtown to do some shopping that my SO wanted done & I was keeping him company. So, we got what he needed and bought me a headset I could use. We then got dinner.

Before heading home, I wanted to stop by the Police and Peace Officers Memorial to visit Laura. Needless to say I was emotional, I miss her, even tho I don’t necessarily show it. On the way home, my SO & I got into a heated discussion about family.

After getting settled in at home, a friend stopped by and informed us of the death of a mutual acquaintance. He was her good friend, where she was only crossing that line for me from acquaintance to friend. She was my Avon rep, but still a death of someone you know, especially a suicide as this appears to be. I’m still kinda numb from it, a bit withdrawn.

To top it all off I get an email from a woman who has been told and told again that I did not want to hear from her, and yet again she emails me. Why can’t just STOP?? It’s at the point where I am giving up and I’m gonna have to stop by the local TPS office, division 43.

So today started great & has ended dismally. *sigh* I am surprised I haven’t hit a total emotional shutdown which would result to a nasty and painful fibro flare. *sigh*
I can only hope your day has been better than mine.

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