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Rest In Peace

February 19, 2011
Yesterday, 9 years ago at about 5am, a man was trying to take the fast easy way to get to work.
Yesterday, 9 years ago at about 5am, two police officers were racing to an elderly lady’s 911 call for help.
At about 5am, the man did not see the police cruiser coming with the lights flashing, a turned directly into their path. The two police officers has no to little time to react to this man’s blatant ignoring of the oncoming emergency vehicle. At about 5am the two vehicles collided. The emergency vehicle, the police cruiser was responding to a 911 burglary-in-process call, and was moving at a significantly higher rate of speed than the fellow doing the U-turn to avoid the long light.
Contact was made, sending the cruiser spitting, throwing the driving officer clear of the vehicle via the front windshield landing several meters from the car, with severe and critical but not fatal injuries. The vehicle continued to spin, taking out several boulevard trees. The second officer in the passenger side was not so lucky, as the cruiser abruptly stopped to rest with the right side, the passenger side, wrapped around an electrical pole. This second officer snapped her neck on impact and was killed instantly. The civilian driver was luckiest of all, walked away from the scene with minor whiplash injuries.
The officer who day that day, February 18, 2002 shortly after 5am, was a woman I considered my sister, although she married into the family. I’d know her since Jr high and had an understanding, something I could never establish with my sister’s husband, or my brother’s new wife. I had the goods on her.. I had some of her secrets, and we had respect, mutual respect that was becoming a solid friendship.. But now she’s gone, cuz some idiot failed to yield to am emergency vehicle. Rest In Peace, Cst Laura Jean Sharp Ellis. You are and always be missed.