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Today’s ER trip, Dec 10 2011

December 11, 2011

We got to the Emergency Room near 6pm this evening. It wasn’t busy, yet; it’s Saturday night so ya it will get busy. After registration, I was sent straight out to the ambulatory waiting area in the back of the ER. I was back there for about 10-15 minutes before I was brought back to an assessment cubicle.. From there, I waited another 15-20 minutes to see doc..

OMG! Was I surprised! He was awesome.. He asked me about the pain, where? how bad? for how long? He asked about my current treatments, and clarified medical info.. He asked me what worked.. Torodal he asked, not really, Demeral he asked, ya that helped. So I ended up getting 1) a torodal shot, 2) a demeral shot with gravol, 3) a script to take home for 500mg of demeral, twice a day..
Wow! I mean like Wow! I’ve never gotten that much co-operation from an Emerg doc before, nor have I gotten that much pain management from any Emerg doc.. Several hours between the ER trip & when I got home to now & I stiil don’t believe it… 

Some Emergency doctors suck, and others totally suck… This guy absolutely did *not* suck, he was good! – –

My Acceptance

December 11, 2011

My biggest issue with my medical issues is me. I have so much trouble accepting my limitations. I am still trying to figure out how much I can and can not do. It’s more the can not that is my issue. I used to be way more than I am now. I used to be intelligent; Once upon a time I had an IQ of about 180 which is the beginning of genius. I’m not meaning to brag, just illustrate how much I’ve gone down hill.. I’m now at 130-140, which is considered average (to my knowledge).. That’s a *huge* drop, but it’s all from the fibro.

I used to be physical. I played soccer in a ladies league (the term ‘ladies’ here is used loosely) with 2-3 games a week and I played an aggressive & physical game. I was also involved in scouting, as a youth member, as a adult member, as a leader, as a group or area representative. As a result, I was very physical – hiking, camping, marksmanship, skiing, skating, all in different types of weather. & yes, I have camped outdoors in the cold weather and the snow. I can not do any of that. It’s not struggling with just those losses, but also the loss of the ability to function doing ‘normal’ day-to-day stuff like laundry, cleaning floors, vacuuming, washing walls or windows, and cleaning the bathroom.. Or even worse, I flare after being around my nieces & my nephew.. Moreso my nephew cuz he’s more physical, still into aggressive roughhousing. (Çuz he doesn’t get a lot from Dad – long story, not really Dad’s fault) I should be able to spend time with my family without getting sick. I just don’t know how to. Any suggestions on how to deal with this issue and help me accept my limitations? Feedback would be greatly appreciated. ~ Thanks.