Hi all.. My name, obviously, is Kelli A Ellis.. I also go by NeonRose, or Koolaid/Scouter Koolaid..

I was diagnosed as “having symptoms consistent with fibromyalgia” by a rheumatologist in 2006.. I’ve been trigger point tested so many other times since then I actually helped one doctor learn where the points exist. I was his first fibromyalgia patient.

I think I had CFS first in highschool with my endometriosis.. I believe that the fibro started after me having mono one summer in college in 1993.. It was a very slow progressing in deterioration. I did not handle it well.

Since then, I’ve survived narcissistic doctors, impartial doctors, ignorant doctors, a toxic & abusive relationship, an unsupportive hospital environment, and mental as well as other physical conditions.

But I’ve been doing better & I hope I can share my experiences and my journey with you & create s dialogue..

Let’s talk!!

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